Anso & Barbara: two sisters, one design studio.

The sisters are posing for YU.ME BXL in styles 0010 Coat Light and 0100 Coat Kimo and share their story, tastes & thoughts on co-working in the city.

What do you want to realize with studio basil. ?

Barbara (on the right):  'studio basil. creates visual identities, mostly for retail and horeca. What we find most important is to listen to our clients. We want to be inspired by the client's story and make the design their own. We love to create honest yet playful designs.'

How about your office, what's it like to co-work in Brussels?

Barbara: 'Ann-Sophie started this company by herself, but she rarely felt alone thanks to working at the creative workspace firma. The environment helps to evolve your creativity and get inspired by the other co-workers. I work for 2 companies part-time, and thanks to my desk at firma I get to stay in one place, which helps me to focus.'

Anso and Barbara

Anso (on the left):   'We really love that firma has a total different vibe and interior look compared to our own homes, it's great having an office and to be able to actually go home too.   

Do you like Brussels, have a favourite spot?

Anso: 'I've lived in Brussels during my time at uni, moved away abroad for a few years and then moved back to the city center. I guess my favourite spot is Barbeton, I always run into someone and deliberately take a detour when walking home from the supermarket. I love the fact that our big city life is actually a small and cosy neighbourhood. I think I spent most of my maternity leave on that terrace, haha.'

Anso in style 0010

We love how you look in our styles! Where or how would you prefer to wear them?

Anso (on style 0010 Coat Light): 'This piece is my absolute favourite, I can see lots of people wearing it and making it their own. With a sneaker or high heels, always as a strong woman! Love how feminist this coat makes me feel.'

Barbara in style 0100

Barbara (on style 0100 Coat Kimo): 'I would wear this coat for different occasions. I think you can wear it with some sneakers like I did for the shoot and go to work or go out with some friends, to a party with some heels and a dress. I would prefer to wear it in black.