YU.ME BXL loves to explore different places and spaces, platforms and clouds,

to showcase the collection and interact with all of you. 

We invite you to check out these hubs, to try on our styles, twirl in our skirts and pose in our pieces.

Check out this page for our next stops!


  • starting 1st of September 2023 at the fabulous concept store MIXAGE, in the dashing Brussels Dansaert area

New store paths to discover this fall: the fantastic Mixage Creator Concept Store! A new space in Brussels, developed and managed under the magical wings of Ariane.  YU.ME BXL will take part in a collab of 12 Belgian designers, showcasing their creations this fall and winter, representing super treats for body & soul. All to discover from september 1st this 2023.  Allen daarheen!




Mixage - Oude Graanmarkt  39 Rue du Vieux Marché aux grains 1000 Bxl

Insta:  mixage_creator_concept_store

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  • new atelier / meeting & fitting space @ coworking firma bxll - starting 10th July 2023

Creative art space and coworking incubator firma recently opened their brand new venue in the city centre, yeay!

Moving through the four divine floors of this superbly designed Brussels building feels like a smooth catwalk inbetween a superstylish ànd cosy coffee bar, a rocking art space and the perfect working spot.

We found the ideal atelier slash showcase slash fitting and meeting space on the third floor and decided to set up base. We couldn't just not sign up for heaven. 

 (c) firma bxll


  • LIVE PHOTOSHOOT - Friday 23rd June, 6pm @ Concept Store LOKAL
This night is all about expressing your inner model, showing off them gorgeous curves and just have some plain old fun. Also a call out to those who have always wanted to star in a fashion shoot, but somehow thought it would never happen. Well this is the night! 


We present an exclusive shoot with top photographer Charite Smet.

You will be modeling the genderfree, unisize collection styles of YU.ME BXL,

accompanied by the magnificent `bijoux petillant` by Atelier Basaalt,

and for the bold revolutionaries: topped off with an off-the-grid make-up technique blocking online facial recognition, aka make-up magic by the talented Veerle De Bremme.

All this on a smooth base of music & drinks on the house.

To be clear: we are looking for any and every type of person, genderfree, tall or small, ageless and beautiful inside!

Registrations for modeling: https://www.eventbrite.be/.../nightly-fashion-plunge. (max. 10 pps)

Feel like just coming by for drinks and chats? Most welcome to join !

CU then & there,



  • starting 15th March 2023 @ Concept Store LOKAL - Rue des Epéronniers 18 1000 Brussels
 Happy to be back with our very first partner, the lovely conceptstore LOKAL!  A magical spot in the heart of the city, with a lotta soul, filling the shop and our hearts with good vibes and smooth energy. They represent different styles of designers, all working with a fiery passion for their product, and with big big love for our planet. Walking into LOKAL is an experience in itself, feels like being on holiday while coming home.  All goodness and beauty over there, not to miss! 
etalage LOKAL


  • starting 7th December @ the Nationa(a)l Artist e-Supermarket 
The platform www.nationalstore.be will be representing visual arts, books, design, fashion, films and music, all locally created and globally spread!  The live fair will take place in 2021, exact dates to be confirmed.
+ + + + Guess who's pieces the models are wearing in the campaign add <3 <3 <3 



  • 10th August till 30th September 2020 @ Concept Store LOKAL - Rue des Epéronniers 18 1000 Brussels.
This magical conceptstore in the heart of Brussels is all about the sustainable, planet-friendly and local soul of design. Make sure to pass by for some good vibes and a chat with Aura and Sancar anytime! 
              + + + + Starting 10th November @ the brand new LOKAL webshop.


      • 27th July till 9th August 2020 @ creative art space firma - Anspachlaan 65 1000 Brussels
      Creative art space and coworking incubator, that's what firma is all about. A beautifully renovated former office space in the centre of Brussels, welcoming freelancers, creative minds, regular renters or anyone in need of a desk for a day.