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Frank is the founder and general manager of Blue Planet Academy & Consulting, a Brussels based tailored software company, specialized in building web-based applications for large organisations and companies. If you can’t find it off the shelf, chances are they can build it. Frank is a citizen of the world, and Brussels is his beloved home base.   He is posing for YU.ME BXL in styles 0111 Skirt Long and 0010 Coat Light, while casually answering some life questions.  What does being an entrepreneur mean to you? The big difference any and all entrepreneurs make in our daily life, is the fact that they chase their ideas and convert concepts into reality. With all the risks and obstacles ahead, some...

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V., inbetween biotech and Brussels.

Veerle Bloemen is a young professor at the Department of Metallurgy and Materials Engineering at KU Leuven. She lives in Brussels and loves exploring every corner of the city. Veerle likes signing her letters and emails with V. V. is posing for YU.ME BXL in styles 0010 and 0001.            

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Graphic & Motion Designer Coralie Legrand

Coralie Legrand lives and works in the heart of Brussels. As a freelance graphic & motion designer she develops illustrations, animations and much more.  While posing for YU.ME BXL in styles 0010 Coat Light and 0100 Coat Kimo, Coralie talks to us about her taste in life, work and style.  Coralie, what makes you tick in life, what is your passion? Coralie:   'What fuels me most in life are connections. With other people, with the world around me, with myself. As a graphic & motion designer I believe communication is key to everything. I love to help tell stories in a well designed way, whether it’s for a video, an illustration or a logo animation. My choice to join the firma co-working space...

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