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Twill Organic Cotton Mix (in stock)
- composition: 95% organic cotton / 5% lycra
- colors: black or anthracite (dark grey)


Smooth organic cotton from India. 

This fabric is so light and at the same time so strong. The mild stretch makes you feel comfortable and free to move any way you like.  

 Styles 0010 Coat Light and 0111 Skirt Long have been realised in the black twill. The anthtracite twill is new and has not been realised in any style yet. 

CARE: Washable at 30°C. Iron at cool temperature, preferably not directly on fabric, protect with cotton cloth (like a towel). 

Supplier info: https://www.silknfab.com/organic-cotton.html - GOTS certified fabric production. Eco- and skin-friendly material. Twill fabric has a diagonal weave that helps the fabric drape well


Bamboo Silk (in stock)
- composition: 100% organic bamboo viscose
- color: black (matt)

This bamboo viscose is like vegan silk. A rich and soft fabric that makes your skin feel like stylish royalty, weather you're out partying all night long, or striking an ever so elegant couch pose doing absolutely nothing. The bamboo silk has a matt side and a slight sheen side. We've chosen to show off the matt side, but you can order your style the way you love it the most.

Styles 0001 Dress Kimo and 0110 Jump Dress have been realised in black bamboo silk. 

CARE: Washable at 30°C. Iron at cool temperature, preferably not directly on fabric, protect with cotton cloth (like a towel). 

Supplier info: Bamboo yarns certified by Oeko-Tex 100 (liahren.com)


Allweather Organic Cotton (limited stock)
- composition: 100% organic cotton
- color: charcoal scarab (very dark green)
Strong, light and elegant organic cotton by Ventile (Switserland).
Perfect for a smooth allweather trenchcoat look.
Styles 0010 Coat Light and 1001 Body Coat Long have been realised in this charcoal scarab organic cotton.
This is how they describe their fabulous and sustainable product on the Ventile website:
'Made from sustainably grown organic certified cottons that have not been exposed to pesticides or chemical fertilisers and use low-impact processing methods and materials.
Ventile Organic is woven from premium extra-long-staple cotton that represents only 0.04% of the overall cotton produced worldwide. This unique fully twisted cotton yarn increases garment durability and lifespan. This reduces the unnecessary frequency of consumer purchases, limiting the negative impact of textiles production upon the environment.'
CARE: Dry clean.
Sweat unbrushed Organic Cotton (in stock)
- composition: 100% organic cotton
- color: phantom grey
A beautiful saturated and anthracite grey sweatshirt fabric, with a raw look and a smooth skin touch, ideal for a workout or comfy mood. Being unbrushed, it has a plain jersey structure on the topside and loops on the backside. The loops add to the moisture absorption properties of the fabric, that can take up to 20% of water without feeling wet.
Made fom a 100% natural GOTS certified cotton, grown in the Turkish districts near the Aegean Sea (so called Aegean cotton). Turkey has a large cotton industry and the cotton was spun and knitted there in GOTS-certified factories, thus limiting the carbon footprint.
CARE: Washable at 40°C. Don't tumble dry. Iron at medium temperature. 

Plain Weave Tencel (currently not in stock)
- composition: 100% tencel
- color: wild red


Light weight and bright red poplin made of 100% eco friendly bio-degradable Tencel yarns. Tencel or Lyocell is made from the wood pulp from Eucalyptus trees. It is highly breathable, gives a great soft touch and feel and has an amazing natural shine. It's a very stable and strong fabric, with a tiny stretch in its threads. Follows the movement of your body and keeps a clean shape at the same time. Produced in Turkey. 

Styles 0010 Coat Light and 0111 Skirt Long have been realised in this fiery bright red tencel. 

CARE: Washable at 40°C. Tumble dry on low temperature. Iron at medium temperature, preferably not directly on fabric, protect with cotton cloth (like a towel). 

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