Frank is a citizen of the world, and Brussels is his beloved home base.  

He is posing for YU.ME BXL in styles 0111 Skirt Long and 0010 Coat Light, while casually answering some life questions. 

What does being an entrepreneur mean to you?

The big difference any and all entrepreneurs make in our daily life, is the fact that they chase their ideas and convert concepts into reality. With all the risks and obstacles ahead, some known but most unknown, an entrepreneur takes the leap and does what he/she can to support his dream, his idea, his/her project.

It’s the difference between having an idea and actually converting it into reality.


How about life, what's your true passion?

I love meeting people of all cultures and all backgrounds. Travelling is not just a hobby, its something I absolutely need. And the best days on a travel are the ones filled with the stories of people on my path, sometimes instantly ‘resonating’, instantly having a click with someone that runs surprisingly deep.

Why living/ working in Brussels, what's your relationship with the city?

Brussels is turbulence, chaos. For me, it’s the place to be in Belgium, where most interesting events happen.

I love walking down a street and hearing 4 to 5 different languages in the background.  And it’s the best place to travel, since its directly connected to the international airports and railways.

What do clothes mean to you, do you care about your outfit, time/effort-wise?

I do care but since sleep is many times more important, its something I try to combine as fast as possible, between the few minutes after a shower and jumping into my car or subway.

How do you feel wearing a skirt, as a man and/or as a human being?

It felt great actually. It felt very free in a very important part downstairs 😊

And I think with a bit of wind, it will feel even better.

Would u wear it in your day to day life?

Yup, but maybe not for meetings. Not sure if all professionals would understand.

Some might be intimidated or puzzled, and I don’t want to take the focus away from the points that need to be addressed during the meeting.