Vincent, power and care


When it comes to wearing the pants, women have claimed their rights since- roughly estimated- the 1920ies, to bike around freely, ride a horse as they please, and menspread the hell out of the subway seat.

But what about the men?

Do they feel equally free to wear a skirt as they please, feel the free legspace underneath a single layer of fabric, sense the relief of a fresh breeze on a hot summer day when strolling about the dynamic city streets and vibrant green parks?

It is a fact that on a first glimpse, we hardly ever see any guys in skirts passing by. Maybe it is time to let them know: Hey, it's ok to wear a skirt!

We asked Brussels social entrepreneur slash coach Vincent point-blank: would you like to pose in our skirt? And yes he said.

Here is how he stands in life, in our skirt!

- Let's get straight to the point: who are you, Vincent, and what drives you in life? 
I'm 44 years old and aim to go through life as a conscious and loving father, partner, friend and human being. My curiosity brings me to exploring the big questions in life, and getting lost in existential quests. I also enjoy the simple things, like strolling through nature and spending time with family and friends. I'm a social entrepreneur myself, and a coach for other entrepreneurs, who want to expand their consciousness and impact in the world. It nurtures my soul to be able to support colleague entrepreneurs in their personal development. 
- How does it feel to wear the skirt? Would you wear it in everyday life, and why (not)?
It feels really good, easy, and classy. A combination of powerful and refined. I feel like a Samurai warrior. But to be honest, I don't see myself wearing a skirt  in everyday life just yet. For one thing, I'm not a fashionable person, meaning I don't invest a lot in clothing. I still wear T-shirts I've had since I was 16, and I like "sobriété heureuse", happy sobriety! But on the other hand, I also have to admit that some shadows might be playing. Like, what are people gonna think of me?  "Too feminine"? Or, "Is he wearing a skirt to get attention"? And actually things like that shouldn't influence me, because honestly, wearing this skirt feels really good!
- What is your connection to Brussels?
Actually I am a 'Zinneke'. I was born in Brussels and went to a Dutch-speaking school there, while my parents are both french speaking. So I'm a true 'tweetoelige Brusseleir'! I live close to Leuven now, but still work often in Brussels. 
- Do you try to factor some sustainability into your life?
Yes! And I try to be as congruent as possible. For me it's mostly about choosing quality over quantity, in everything: food, traveling, clothing, .. About six years ago I became a vegetarian. I'm not necessarily against eating meat, but mostly I can't and won't support the industrial meat-industry any more. 
I am also a big fan of 'slowdown'. I said goodbye to my smartphone about 2 years ago and haven't had one since, because I wanted to reclaim ownership of my attention.
- What, to you, in a few words, is primordial to a viable society? 
Focus on growth, fully! Not in terms of ego, but in the sense of love, harmony and beauty in the world.