0002 ZAC - Bluejeans Cotton
0002 ZAC - Bluejeans Cotton
0002 ZAC - Bluejeans Cotton

0002 ZAC - Bluejeans Cotton

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A very big bag, made of the fabric swatches left after creating other designs. We go for no waste! 😊

Handy for all those bearnecessities that no one else would understand. You know, the pair of- you-never-know-if-we're-gonna-end-up-at-the-beach-today- slippers, those roller skates that ALWAYS come in handy, the stock of coffee, just in case (more like you can count on it) the local machine brew doesn't fit your refined and delicate taste pallet, right? 

Anyways, a bag to carry around town, towards the beach or what the heck, in the thick forest if you like, and to stuff with all and any that your happy heart desires! 

0002 ZAC is 58 cm long, 15 cm wide and 38 cm high. It has 7 cm large shoulder belts dividing the carry-on weight equally over shoulders and avoid pinkish afterwalk skin traces.

The model is made by hand and will be realized in different fabrics and colors, with slight detail variations,  finished pieces coming up soon!



YU.ME BXL produces its styles in small series or by pre-order. 

Working with limited stock is an important part of being sustainable in fashion, to avoid leftovers and minimize pressure on the production lines. All pieces are produced in Brussels, made by hand or in collaboration with socio-professional reintegration ateliers, functioning as a platform for education and employment for professionally challenged people in the city. Production time will take on average 2 to 3 weeks. 



Body: Bluejeans cotton mix (Cotton with hint of PL for mild stretchyness) 

Shoulder belts: Ochre cotton mix (Cotton with hint of Lycra, also for mild stretchyness) 

Care: Washable at 30°C. Dry flat.  Iron at cool temperature, preferably not directly on fabric, protect with cotton cloth (like a towel).