1000 Body Coat Light - Linen Lemon Check
1000 Body Coat Light - Linen Lemon Check
1000 Body Coat Light - Linen Lemon Check
1000 Body Coat Light - Linen Lemon Check

1000 Body Coat Light - Linen Lemon Check

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Lab coat meets wrap dress, with discrete collar, belt and belt loops (new detail), and comfy side pockets. The sleeveless design gives space for big, flexible, Italian styled arm gestures, expressing the hell out of- and life into- our bodies. The comfy side pockets come to the rescue for cosy handnaps, or bold n sassy postures. 

This piece can be worn in between seasons, on a four-seasons-in-one-day, as a top layer finishing of a sleek office outfit, or a light and breezy summer dress slash coatish styled long vest on top. 

1000 Body Coat Light is uni-size and designed for all types, genders & shapes. It has an outline of 137 cm (open end to end) and a length of approx. 102 cm.

The style is realized in a supersoft and sustainable, rich linen (100%). We found this and sensed sunshine, spring breeze and laid-back sunday city strolling. But for the record, free to wear whenever, wherever.


YU.ME BXL produces its styles in small series or by pre-order. 

Working with limited stock is an important part of being sustainable in fashion, to avoid leftovers and minimize pressure on the production lines. All pieces are produced in Brussels, by socio-professional reintegration ateliers, functioning as a platform for education and employment for professionally challenged people in the city. Production time will take between 1 to maximum 2 weeks. 



Linen - check in pale yellow

Composition: 100% Linen


Info straight from the supplier -->  

'A large striking check in pale yellow, neon yellow and sky blue. European laundered linen, tumbled at the mill for softness. This linen is yarn dyed, meaning the yarns are dyed before being woven.

This linen is produced in small batches in Eastern Europe where there is a strong heritage of spinning and weaving linen fabric.

Linen is naturally stain resistant, does not pile, and is moth repellent. It is easy to wash as it can sustain high temperatures, is has very little if no shrinkage and is very strong.

It is anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, hypo allergenic and thermoregulating, it will also absorb up 20% moisture before feeling damp.

As the linen fibres have low elasticity (which causes it to crease) it will wear in any areas that are repeatedly folded in the same place for a long time, however it does have much better abrasion resistance than say cotton.

Wash at 30 degrees with a non bio detergent. Do not tumble. Shake out and dry flat. Linen will always seize up after washing but as soon as you start to use/wear it the fibres will settle. Never dry linen in direct sunlight as the colour can bleach and fade.'