YU.ME BXL, a brand made in Brussels.

Brussels, the capital of Belgium and Europe,

and my hometown,

is a complex and interesting world, incapable of leaving people indifferent to it. For some people, it is a dirty hellhole. For others, a magnificent paradise. Brussels holds more than 160 nationalities on a surface of 160 km² and somehow finds a way to be a home to all of these people, expressing different backgrounds, habits, languages and tastes.

Inspired by this powerful versatility, the desire grew to create a collection with a total freedom of expression. A brand without prejudice about background or gender, embracing individuality and stepping away from imposed profiles, labels, trends and seasons. Pieces without sizes, adapting to the shape and curves of every body, accentuating the beauty of being unique and different from one another. Aiming to finding connections in all our differences and contrasts.


A visit to the magic of Tokyo started giving shape to the concept. I was inspired by an exhibition in the art space 21_21 DESIGN SITE on the fabulous Mingei artwork, the Japanese folk arts movement in the 1920' - 1930's . The way they meticulously created objects, without referring to themselves as artists nor craftsmen, not wanting to be restrained by form or method and avoiding any attempt to be slotted into categories, gave an incredibly powerful charm and energy to the creations by their hands. The traces of imperfection that are inextricably linked to humanity, moved me. The shapes and forms of the brass pots and pans, the delicate stencil dyed fabric, the magnificent handwoven kimono's, each of them unique. I was amazed of how powerful and complex something seemingly so simple could be. 

Naming the brand

The brand needed a name that could reflect and connect all these sources of inspiration. 

YUME is the Japanese word for dream, imagination, utopia. It symbolizes the creation of a world we can choose, a place to live our dreams and be who we are. 

YU.ME refers to you and me, reflecting the idea of creating pieces that will fit all of us, without presetting fitting profiles.

BXL is my beloved hometown Brussels. 

Sustainable ID

YU.ME BXL is an eco-sustainable brand, stepping back from consumer seasons and volatile fashion trends. The collection consists of timeless styles wearable throughout the year, for different occasions, by women and men. 

We work with certified organic fabrics and recycled or recovered material from high-end excess fabric stock. The production is local and mainly carried out by social manufacturing projects in Brussels, providing a platform for education and employment to people who are professionally challenged.

YU.ME BXL realizes limited series and unique designs in a variety of original fabrics. To optimize a sustainable production, we work with pre-orders and limited stock.

Inspired and creative? Make your own style by combining your favorite designs with a fabric of your choice. We will take care of realizing your creation.