0111 Skirt Long - Red Bio Tencel
0111 Skirt Long - Red Bio Tencel
0111 Skirt Long - Red Bio Tencel
0111 Skirt Long - Red Bio Tencel

0111 Skirt Long - Red Bio Tencel

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Long skirt, gently wrapped around your hips or waistline. This one is made in a smooth and light 100% ecofriendly bio-degradable bright red tencel. Designed to give you all the space you need to walk, run, play, dance and hula-hoop your heart out. 

Tencel- or Lyocell- is made from the wood pulp from Eucalyptus trees. It is highly breathable, gives a great soft touch and feel and has an amazing natural shine. It's a very stable and strong fabric, with a tiny stretch in its threads. Follows the movement of your body and keeps a clean shape at the same time. 

0111 Skirt is uni-size. It's fixed with a gentle velcro system, freely adjustable to a tightness of choice. The skirt is 104 cm long and has a total outline of 110 cm at the top. 

The original model is adjustable in length or width (velcro position), and personally customizable for a perfect fit. Get in touch for fittings and discover how it can become a tailor made piece with just a few minor adjustments. 

These days, skirts are mostly associated with women or girls, but they can work their magic on men too. Skirts are not that uncommon in some regions or cultures, it is all just a matter of habits. Fact is, it gives way more comfort than any trousers ever could.

Suzanne and Gaëlle tested the skirt in black Organic Cotton Twill, check out their shoots right here ! And Frank jumped into our fine-lined-brown cotton version for you, here's how he looks and feels in it!

Give us a call if you want to try it on, or if you are in need for more info!



YU.ME BXL produces its styles in small series or by pre-order. 

Working with limited stock is an important part of being sustainable in fashion, to avoid leftovers and minimize pressure on the production lines. All pieces are produced in Brussels, by socio-professional reintegration ateliers, functioning as a platform for education and employment for professionally challenged people in the city. 

Production time will take between 1 to maximum 2 weeks.


Red Bio-degradable Tencel

Composition: 100% tencel or lyocell

Care: Washable at 40°C. Tumble dry on low temperature. Iron at medium temperature, preferably not directly on fabric, protect with cotton cloth (like a towel).