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V., inbetween biotech and Brussels.

Veerle aka V. Bloemen is a young professor at the Department of Metallurgy and Materials Engineering at KU Leuven. 3D printing of human body cells is one of her study fields, next to teeny tiny spider webs and crossovers between art & science. She lives in Brussels and loves exploring every corner of the city. 

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Graphic & Motion Designer Coralie Legrand

Coralie Legrand lives and works in the heart of Brussels. As a creative freelance graphic & motion designer she develops illustrations, animations and much more.  Check out her fab modeling skills and review on the pieces right here!

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Anso & Barbara: two sisters, one design studio.

Ann-Sophie (Anso) and her sister Barbara run the graphic design company studio basil. Their office homebase is located in the Brussels based creative co-working space firma. Anso started the company a few years ago. Barbara recently came on board, to help her grow and build a strong business. Photoshooting with these two takes modeling to a whole new level! 

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